Responsive name tags

KSU VCD / inVision Workshop
18-19 October 2014
Instructor: Aaron Ganci
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Websites aren't the only things that can format content by responding to their context. To get started today, let's make some responsive name tags. In this exercise, I (Aaron) am your user. I don't know any of you but can learn a lot about you very quickly with a well-made name tag. There are two contexts in which I might need to know more about you. One is one a name lanyard, the other is on a larger name placard that can sit on your desk.

Think about the content you might want to share with me about yourself. What can I learn about you in either context that will allow me to help you? Think about the content and format it appropriately on both name tags.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this exercise, you will be able to:

  • Prioritize content across multiple contexts.
  • Visually format content taking context into account.


  1. Identify what content will be useful in either context.
  2. Generate an inclusive list of all possible content
  3. Prioritize that content for each context.
  4. Quickly sketch the content laid out according to priority.
  5. Design your name tags.