Connecting people online

Due: 9 June 2015, 9:15am
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HER L210 | Summer 2015
Instructor: Aaron Ganci


One of the clear benefits of the modern web is its ability to connect people. There are many examples of web-based services that connect someone who is looking for something (a microwave, a ride, a job, love) to someone who has that thing. In this project, you are going to define a need for a new product that connect people, plan it, and design the user interface (UI).

Your new product can be formatted for any screen size (desktop, tablet, or mobile). Before you can do complete the visual UI, you will need to do some strategic user-need analysis and workflow planning. This will help you know what screens are necessary and what elements are needed on each screens.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this project, students will be able to:

  • Empathize with user groups to define a useful and usable interface.
  • Potentially, understand the difference of layout conventions for non-desktop sized screens.
  • Create workflow diagrams to document the system of use.
  • Draft user stories that accurately define tasks.


  1. Define the need for a connection service.
  2. Determine the screen size you want to work within (this will help you analyze contextual needs).
  3. Define user stories and workflow.
  4. Select a few appropriate user stories that you can design in the time allotted.
  5. Design the UI for the necessary screens.

Grading criteria

  • Appropriate use of elements and principles of design.
  • Appropriate use of web design layout conventions.
  • Clear hierarchy of content that is usable and legible.
  • Usable design that allows people to complete their intended task.


Week Class Topic
1 14 May Intro to course. Getting familiar with visual language of the web.
2 19 May One site, two designs
21 May Analog + Digital
3 26 May Analog + Digital
28 May Connecting people online
4 2 June Connecting people online
4 June Connecting people online
5 9 June Responsive Design Plus
11 June Responsive Design Plus
6 16 June Responsive Design Plus
18 June Responsive Design Plus
7 23 June Final Critique
24 June Summer Session 1 courses officially over.


Your grade will be broken down into the categories below*. Participation includes: being present and on time, asking and answering questions, helping to improve understanding of course content for others. Your full attention is expected during class time.

Category % of total
One site, two designs 10%
Analog + Digital 20%
Connecting People Online 30%
Responsive Design Plus 40%

*Categories and percentage breakdown subject to change.

How Attendance might impact your grade

It is important that you are present for class. Excused absences (course conflicts, illness, death in the family, etc.) will be allowed with documentation. You have two unexcused absences in this course. Every absence after two (starting with the third absence) will result in a 5% reduction in your overall grade. For example, if you miss 3 classes, you will receive a 5% reduction; if you miss 5 classes, you will receive a 15% reduction. I hope that this policy stresses the importance of being present and active in class.

Late work

Every assignment in this course will be due at the beginning of the class of its defined due date. Work that is not handed in via the method requested by the instructor (OnCourse, email, etc) by the predetermined time will be considered late. The consequences of late submission fall on sliding scale, increasing in severity over time. If late work is handed in within the following parameters, the grade will be reduced in the following ways:

Due date/time – same day, end of class -10%
Same day, end of class – same day, end of day (11:59pm) -15%
Next day (midnight – 11:59pm) -20%
Any subsequent day -50%
Grading scale
A+ 100-98
A 97-93
A- 92-90
B+ 89-87
B 86-83
B- 82-80
C+ 79-77
C 76-73
C- 72-70
D+ 69-67
D 66-63
D- 62-60
F 59-0