Production for Digital Design / Fall 2015

Assignment Overview

Book Website

Due: See schedule
Submit via Canvas
HER-V 302 | Fall 2015
Instructor: Aaron Ganci


In the assignment, you will use your newfound coding skills to design and build a new website. Your site will act as a companion site for an existing book. You can choose any book you like as long as it has a defined table of contents (a fiction book will be hard to do with this constraint).Your site will need to have three pages: 1. Overview (home) 2. Table of Contents and 3. Reviews.

You will use the UI Framework, Foundation to build this site. Note: You can use Bootstrap for this assignment if you are already comfortable with their system.

Your site should have a strong visual design that is implemented in CSS. You should think of this as a finished site or something you could hand off to a developer to incorporate into a finished site.

Resources/links: Introduction to Foundation Grids.

Resources/links: Foundation Docs (page elements, default classes, etc).


I have made a root folder to get you started. Download it below.

Grading criteria

This is a 60 point assignment. This assignment will be graded on EXACTLY these criteria:

Important: This assignment needs to be submitted in two ways: 1.) A live URL and 2.)a zipped root folder. Both of which need to be submitted via canvas. If you hand in anything other these required items, you will be subject to the late submission policy. Correctly linking a CSS file to your HTML file is another critical piece of this assignment. If your HTML and CSS are not linked correctly on initial submission, you will again be subject to late submission.

  • (5pt) Successful use of Foundation (or Bootstrap) UI Framework to construct the site
  • (5pt) Customization of visual design through CSS (not relying on Foundation defaults)
  • (10pt) Successful visual hierarchy hierarchy
  • (10pt) Successful implementation of typographic styling
  • (5pt) Successfully link images into page
  • (5pt) Successful and tasteful use of non-standard web font (font comes from a service)
  • (5pt) Successful use of color
  • (5pt) Quality of overall legibility and readability of page
  • (10pt) Three pages that link through a navigation menu

Learning Objectives

At the end of this project, you will be able to:

  • Use HTML+CSS and Foundation to generate a live, complete website
  • Utilize all the steps in the visual web design process (sketch to code).


Category % of total
Assignments 80%
After Effects Exercise 5%
After Effects Webpage Demo Webpage 10%
Glossary webpage 5%
Visual Spec Assignment 10%
Typesetting webpage 20%
Book website #1 30%
Test 20%

*Categories and percentage breakdown subject to change.

Late work

Every assignment in this course will be due at the beginning of the class of its defined due date. Work that is not handed in via the method requested by the instructor (OnCourse, email, etc) by the predetermined time will be considered late. The consequences of late submission fall on sliding scale, increasing in severity over time. If late work is handed in within the following parameters, the grade will be reduced in the following ways:

Due date/time – same day, end of class -10%
Same day, end of class – same day, end of day (11:59pm) -15%
Next day (midnight – 11:59pm) -20%
Any subsequent day -50%
Grading scale
A+ 100-98
A 97-93
A- 92-90
B+ 89-87
B 86-83
B- 82-80
C+ 79-77
C 76-73
C- 72-70
D+ 69-67
D 66-63
D- 62-60
F 59-0