Digital Experience Design I / Fall 2015

Assignment Overview

Sharing with Technology

Due: 13 November 2015, 12:00pm
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HER-V 403 | Fall 2015
Instructor: Aaron Ganci


Digital technology has enabled us to share many types of things in a myriad of new and interesting ways. People can share their apartments, their cars, their stories, their secrets, and even their emotions. In this project, you will design a system that allows a person to share something with others. The focus of this project will be on crafting interactions that all for usable digital input and useful digital output (both input and output must be desirable). The input or output can have a physical manifestation. For example, think about a system that lets you input your emotion and the output is a the alteration of a widget that you wear (like an accurate mood ring). However, one of the components must be a mobile app. You will work on this project individually.


  1. Identify persona and goals.
  2. Sketch a quick story map.
  3. Define the screens needed for input and those needed for output (the sharing).
  4. Prototype at a low fidelity (wireframe) and test with each other.
  5. Revise prototype into a medium fidelity and test again.
  6. Revise prototype into a high fidelity and test again.
  7. If time allows, refine brand and develop a quick identity.


At the end of this project, you will turn in a persona and goals one-sheet, an overview of your prototype testing, the final high-fidelity screen or prototype designs, and an annotated walkthrough of the design features.

Grading criteria

The design will be evaluated on the desirability triad, visual communication design elements and principles, and the quality of your final communication artifacts.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this project, you will be able to:

  • Prototype a task that involves future technology.
  • Describe an interface design in goal-oriented detail.


Category % of total
Project 1: Pay for parking 10%
Project 2: Sharing with Tech 50%
Project 3: Civic Web Design 40%

*Categories and percentage breakdown subject to change.

Late work

Every assignment in this course will be due at the beginning of the class of its defined due date. Work that is not handed in via the method requested by the instructor (OnCourse, email, etc) by the predetermined time will be considered late. The consequences of late submission fall on sliding scale, increasing in severity over time. If late work is handed in within the following parameters, the grade will be reduced in the following ways:

Due date/time – same day, end of class -10%
Same day, end of class – same day, end of day (11:59pm) -15%
Next day (midnight – 11:59pm) -20%
Any subsequent day -50%
Grading scale
A+ 100-98
A 97-93
A- 92-90
B+ 89-87
B 86-83
B- 82-80
C+ 79-77
C 76-73
C- 72-70
D+ 69-67
D 66-63
D- 62-60
F 59-0