Designing People-Centered Experiences / Fall 2017

Assignment Overview

Observing and Documenting Experiences Exercise

Due: Wednesday 23 August
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HER-V 400 | Fall 2017
Instructor: Aaron Ganci and
Helen Sanematsu


Have a brief experience and document it.


In this quick exercise, you will form teams of three (3) and practice observing and documenting an experience. In your teams, identify one person that will undergo an experience using the prompts below (or something similar). The other two members of the team are responsible for observing the experience to the best of their ability and documenting its parts in usable way. Conduct this experiment within 45 minutes.

When you are done, return to the studio and we will go through the process of unpacking the experience in order to create a rough experience map.

Potential Experiences:

  • Acquire an object that you think will help you this semester
  • getting some cash
  • crossing New York St
  • meeting with a prof
  • getting a locker
  • buying a healthy drink
  • find facilities staff after spilling something
  • find a recycling container outside
  • secure a bike
  • bike rental


This exercise will not be graded. We are doing it to help ease you into experience mapping. The more effort you put into this exercise, the easier it will be for you to jump into the first assignment.